Former Fulltime RV Lifers with Dogs

From 2018 - 2021 we traveled fulltime in our 5th wheel RV with our 3 big dogs, Chloe, Duke, and Blue.  They are all rescues from 3 different states!  Chloe is our first rescue from Mississippi and she is a Lab/Husky mix.  Duke was rescued in Tennessee and is a full-blood German Shepherd.  Blue is our most recent addition who came to us while in Texas as a stray.  He is a full-blood German Short-haired Pointer. In many of our posts, you'll find us discuss what it's like to rescue dogs, how we travel with them fulltime, what's like like on the road for them, how to treat and take care of them, and all of their adventures they take!  We routinely post pictures and videos of them around the campgrounds, RV, and other dog-friendly places.  We share common tips and tricks for keeping your dogs safe on the road including items necessary for your RV to monitor them and keep them safe. Duke, Chloe, and Blue as that you follow along on their journey!  They promise to keep you entertained!