Controversial Thoughts

Caught Up in a Social Experiment

Amidst everything else going on around us, we are currently caught up in one of the largest social experiments ever.

Pay attention.

Question everything.

Stand for freedoms.

Embrace multiple perspectives.

Take a trip outside your comfort zone.

I’m amazed at the treatment of others these days who disagree with each other. One camp believes that “if I strongly believe in something, everyone else should too”. While the other camp says, “if it’s too good to be true, then it has to be, why try believing anything else”? Then you have extremists who believe that everyone “is out to get me no matter what”. Essentially, it’s my believe that majority of us ride somewhere in the middle, but this current social experiment has divided us away from neutrality and common ground. Many of us don’t even realize what’s happening daily, some lack the capacity to care, and others know but avoid openly discussing them.

Leading us to…

Enemies due to a difference of opinions. Did we ever embrace each other’s perspectives or are we victims of finding our “tribe” and avoiding others? Have we always steered from controversial topics because it’s too uncomfortable to discuss? Why?

But beyond that, the one thing we ALL have is freedom. Freedom to live our lives the way we see fit. Many of those who came before us fought for that very freedom. Freedoms are not selfish, it is what makes us the United States. Freedoms to be different, with different thoughts and opinions, but United with acceptance.

The only selfish aspect is to deny yourself the capacity to accept a perspective that may be different than yours.



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