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Ecstasy Outweighs Agony

I had an old family friend comment recently that having children (girls in particular) is like feeling agony and ecstasy at the same time. In the same comment they mentioned, “they’ll also take a mile if you give them an inch”, which I’d wager that to be the case with children (and some adults too) in general. Admittedly, if I had 30 minutes of free time, I’d figure out a way to stretch that to an hour. I guess that’s how the ‘snooze’ button was created too.

Comparably, Financial Independence is much like this. Whereas, your savings rate is a game of inches so that once you reach financial independence, you’ll be able to live your life miles at a time. It takes discipline to only take inches at a time, but once the miles add up the sacrifice & discipline become the details in an otherwise fulfilling journey.

Parenthood is filled with agony…

Which I’d argue is a strong word to use, however, You miss all sorts of things you once enjoyed, self-care is completely disrupted, going out to eat with a toddler is mind-numbing especially as you throw down your food post haste. If they haven’t learned to talk yet, you feel frustrated if they need something and you aren’t quite sure what that is. Then at the end of each day, you’re reminded that most of this is temporary.

And because it’s temporary…

You feel ecstasy when more free time arrives, booking hair appointments and other self-care routines return, date nights make an occasional appearance, then you feel it with their giggles and laughter at something you did, while watching them learn something new, snuggling after a long nap, calling out your name when they need something, and being present in all the key moments of their life. At the end of each day you’re reminded why you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Life is simply just one big lesson that is learned as you go. Raising children is having many emotions you feel watching them grow.

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