Driving Towards FIRE

August 2020’s Debt Free and FIRE Update

Waiting for money to grow on trees like…

Just kidding. We’re trying to plant our own!

In all seriousness we are now 2 debts away from being debt free (not including the mortgage, more on that for a different day). Over the weekend, we decided it was as time to pay off one of the investment loans after months of aggressive saving. We only made this decision because Meredith received an extension on her contract through December.

Back in March of 2020, We Hit the Pause Button

As many of you recall, we paused on our debt free journey when the Pandemic started and immediately began to put everything we had into savings. We had a solid Emergency Fund at the start, but we decided to really beef it up with all the unknowns this year.

So what’s next?

• 2 debts left: RV Loan & another investment loan totaling $63,805.56
• Continue saving for now.
• Possibly payoff the remaining investment loan at the end of September.
• Celebrate this payoff together with some takeout hibachi.
• Continue planning and prospecting the future.

After each payoff we make, we always stop and tell ourselves “never again”

As we shared over the weekend, it’s hard to believe that we’ve successfully paid off $179,363.51 since the beginning of our RV debt free journey. When we started, all of this was simply a wish. A wish for things to be better financially, a wish to improve our future, and a wish that we’ll be able to endure the journey it would take to reach our goals. We took on so much risk, we put everything into this, and we’ve stopped at nothing. We thank God for guiding us steadily on the journey and looking after us with each step we’ve taken! We’ve gained so much more than we could have realized! Good things don’t come to those who wait, good things come to those who go out and get things done. While we aren’t done yet, we feel lighter, more agile, and more dedicated to keep going.

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