Driving Towards FIRE,  Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation

Clapboard Siding

No hardyboard on our 116 year old home. The front of our home which includes the walls under the porch and the front gable had the original clapboard from over a century ago still doing work, however much of it was in bad shape, rotten in some places, & had paint on paint on paint from years of just slapping a new coat on. As much as we loved having the original wood, it needed to be replaced.

We didn’t budget for this replacement cost initially…

We planned to sand it and repaint it, however that just wasn’t a possibility so we added an additional $2,500 to the renovation costs and we’re so glad that we did. The other exterior walls of the house were replaced during its last renovation in the early 80s and after the Christmas Day attic fire that nearly consumed the entire home.

Let’s not forget to point out how beautiful our new mahogany doors look installed! Everything is ready for paint and stain!


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