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Debt Free and FIRE Update: May 2020


Our Remaining debt balance. Almost 19 months into our tumultuous debt free RV journey we’ve successfully paid OFF $167,000‼️

  • June 2018 – Fed up with the supposed American Dream…living with too much debt and the lack of time for life, we came up with a game plan.
  • October 2018 – Bought a RV, bought a truck, hit the road fulltime.
  • November 2019 – $137,000 Student Loans & Credit Card Debt paid off❗️
  • March 2020 – $30,000 Truck Car Loan Paid Off (4 years EARLY)❗️
Pausing Baby Step 2, Fully Focused on Baby Step 3

Given the current World situation, we paused our Baby Step 2 progress & we skipped right into Baby Step 3. We took everything from our last paychecks more than a month ago to boost our emergency fund and we’re so glad that we did.

  • We haven’t had to defer any payments.
  • We haven’t had to borrow any money.
  • We haven’t had to file for unemployment.
Contract Reinstated, Emergency Fund, and Moving Forward

Since Meredith starts her new contract today, we plan to continue rebuilding our emergency fund. Sometimes the journey doesn’t have to be a straight path to the destination. Our journey has been full of detours, but we’ve continued to move forward, even though some detours have taken longer than others. But we keep going. As Dave says, we want to “live like no one else so that one day we can live and give like no one else”.

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By the way, if anyone is interested in @daveramsey Financial Peace University, he’s running a FREE 14 day trial❗️You can easily complete all videos in that time frame. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired as it relates to your financial outlook, FPU might give you some insight on how you can creatively create a solution to improve your financial health!

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