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ETFs & Mutual Funds; Investing in Retirement Part 3…Resources…

ETFs & Mutual Funds; Investing in Retirement Part 3…Resources…

In Part 3 of our Mini Series on ETFs we dive into some of our best and most reliable resources related to investing. Here they are:

1. Morningstar. (www.morningstar.com). Undeniably the best online resource and research tool for ETFs, Mutual Funds, & other stocks and bonds. Their analysts provide real insight that is frequently updated. They have an App as well. Free & a Paid option too.

2. etfdb.com. We recently discovered this website and glad we did! Easy to search by bond, stock, sector, etc. Free version is very robust that gives in depth info any any given ETF or Mutual Fund. Also helpful for researching new ETFs.

3. Fidelity’s ETF Screener Tool. Most major portfolio companies have them. Use it! It’s FREE. What’s awesome about these screener’s is the fact that you can instantly compare other ETFs to one you are currently considering. The screener will also provide other companies ETFs that might be similar. You can see costs, analysis, risk, & performance all within one window.

4. Apple’s default Stocks App. We use it daily. When ‘shopping’ for a ETF or mutual fund, we always track its performance through the Stocks app. We add it to the ‘tracker’. As an added bonus, the App will pull back all relevant articles from the investing community for reference as well. Best of all, it’s FREE.

5. Apps like “Flipboard” and websites like “Seeking Alpha” and “Barron’s” provide SO MUCH information on investing. Flipboard is great because you can follow specific sites, but also follow hashtags. Great way to consolidate all this information in one location! Another great site is “The Motley Fool”.

6. Instagram. Ok this one doesn’t necessarily give great insight, but finding others that have a passion for investing in the future and their retirement helps keep you motivated. Follow them, engage with them, and fuel each other’s passions.

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