Driving Towards FIRE,  Our Story

Long-Term Financial Mindset

Is much like tunnel vision. Locked in and laser-focused on what the future holds, but celebrating each step along the way. Admittedly, these last few months feel like we stumbled into yet another long and dark tunnel with a dim light in the distance, financially speaking. We know the light will be so bright once we get to the end though and I’m sure many of you on a similar financial journey feel the same.

We were built for this.

Some people like to put an end date on reaching FIRE. Some people believe it’s a number they must reach. Some people get caught up in which FI path to take. Lastly, Far too many give up even before they get started. Why?

Because financial independence is hard. It’s supposed to be.

It isn’t about the net worth, it’s about finding YOUR WORTH. The Net Worth will come, but only if you allow yourself to track your worth first. Once you know your value, you’ll fight like hell to put in the work to build your net worth, even if you have to stack Pennies at first. The sacrifices will add up and once they do, you’ll stand at the top…

One foot on YOUR WORTH

The other on your NET WORTH

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