Driving Towards FIRE

Modern Day Valuists

Just call us Valuists..

We aren’t quite full-on minimalists nor are we complete anti-consumerists, but we are modern day valuists.

We spend money primarily on assets, but we also spend money on what we value most. Being a valuist is completely subjective and independent to those who pursue spending money on what adds value to their lives. In a world full of ‘stuff’, it can be hard to resist the temptation. That temptation is shoved in our faces everywhere. Our phones listen to our conversations and display ads based on those conversations. We have to pay for ad-free apps and streaming services to avoid targeted ads intended to show us something that we may want, but not necessarily need. Podcasts, radio stations, and Many other steaming music services name drop goods from companies who pay to mention them in-between songs or inside a break during your favorite podcast. Brand representatives and influencers wear, display, explain, or entice you with goods based on their appearances in an effort to bait you into purchasing these goods.

It’s all exhausting and a bit much.

As a valuist, you manage this bombarding assault on your wallet by understanding what goods bring value to your life or what services take time away from what brings you joy.

We invest in value

We spend on happiness

We bank on health

We swipe with intent

We compound with interest

We save for joy

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