Driving Towards FIRE,  Our Story

Reaching New Heights

“You know you at the top when only heaven is right above it”. —Lil Wayne.

Each step of life is a climb. Reaching new heights are the milestones that make us feel alive. One might make it to space, but you’ll always look back down to remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Continue climbing…

No matter how high, because if you do happen to stumble and fall, you’ll still be higher than where you started. But most importantly, get back up and keep going.

Our climb consisted of…

Going down similar paths as those who came before us. These paths consisted of heavy debt & huge expenses. It’s amazing how we thought these paths would give us the best views, but once we made it to what we thought was the top, it was crowded, stressful, and those views didn’t really amaze us. They were good, but we were searching for great. We named this place, “Mount Indebtedness”.

So we found a different climb, this one being much steeper and more strenuous, one with less trails and no beaten paths to follow. This mountain is called “Financial Independence Summit”. Less crowded, more space, bigger and better views.

We’re still climbing…

But we’re closer to reaching the heights that give us the best views. Arguably the best part of this climb are the new paths we’ve created for Eleanor.

“The question you need to answer is what you want to do with your life given that you don’t have the time to do everything? Do you want to spend most of your life paying off the interest of a 30-year mortgage and working so you can fill increasingly bigger houses with increasingly more stuff while being stuck in your daily commute in increasingly nicer cars? Or are you prepared to give up the stuff so that you can do whatever you want, whenever, and wherever, within reason? What will your legacy be–what you owned or who you were?” —Jacob Lund Fisker

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