Driving Towards FIRE

September and October 2020’s FIRE Update

Just realized I forgot to post September’s FIRE update so I decided to combine it with October’s.

Here’s the thing…

Not much has changed on the debt free and financial independence front for either of these months, however by the end of November, we should have our 6 month maternity and paternity leave FULLY funded! This includes our emergency fund as well! Since we are both self employed, it was imperative for us to build our savings that not only lined up with the amount of time we wanted, but to ensure we have money saved for health costs and our expenses.

Hyperdrive Savings

After the Pandemic hit and we found ourselves without our contracts at the end of March, we went into aggressive saving mode. Not that we hadn’t been already, we simply paused the debt payoff process and poured every penny into savings. This wasn’t the goal for this year, however, as with life these days you have to expect the unexpected. Once we found out the amazing news that we will become parents in Feb 2021, the savings went into hyperdrive.

Our Greatest Strength

Back in August, we did cut a check on some debt, but since then it’s ALL savings. This aggressive saving will give us both the opportunity to welcome our muffin into this world together. For those of you that know us…as with everything we do, we wanted to be with our baby together without the worry of rushing back to work. We know that our greatest strength is working together in tandem.

Financial independence gives us the flexibility to build a life that works how we want it and It provides peace in an otherwise chaotic world. We feel blessed for having this opportunity and are grateful we’ll have this time together when baby arrives!

What does financial independence mean to you?

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