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Truck Paid in FULL! Another Step in our Debt Free Journey

With all the bad news and tough circumstances lately, we wanted to share some good news…

The Big, Beautiful Beast has been successfully paid off in full

Some of you may have saw this in our stories from Friday! We’re ecstatic about this and it’s significantly related to our debt free journey because we were able to pay this loan off 4 years ahead of the repayment schedule! The loan was for 60 months with a DAILY INTEREST OF $5.98! In total we saved well over $10k in Interest that would’ve been spent paying the minimum each month for the next 4 years!

What’s Next?

The debt free and financial independence journey continues…next up we’ll tackle paying off the RV loan and some Fidelity loans we have for our home in Nashville and our cabin in the Smokies. If all continues to go as planned, late Summer 2020 we’ll be completely debt free!

Total Debt Paid Off since starting our RV journey 16 months ago = $164,500, with estimated $67k of debt remaining!


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