Driving Towards FIRE,  Our Story

Under Contract

I’m not certain I’ll have enough space to explain, but here goes.

Welcome to our newest adventure as we continue our efforts towards FIRE (pending multiple home inspections 😉)!

First of all, this wasn’t the plan. Second of all, as many of you know by now, we’re contingency-type of people. Third of all, what’s the difference between an adventure & an ordeal? Attitude.

I know what you are thinking…

“Why buy a house when the mandates have directly impacted you? Doesn’t seem like a wise idea…”

We might agree, but financial independence has taught us that the more you protect your finances & build a life free from debt & payments, you can make yourself immune. Politically & Financially Immune.

She’s a 1938 Farmhouse Craftsman…

And there’s so much history and character to this home that we’re hoping the deal goes through so we can begin our restoration & renovation efforts.

Some historic events occurring at the time this home was built in 1938, which was a year before WWII began…

*Seabiscuit Beats War Admiral in the Match of the Century.

*The Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has its New York premiere, at Radio City Music Hall.

*General Motors begins mass production of diesel engines.

*Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia.

*First US law requiring medical tests (syphilis test) for marriage licenses (New York).

*Protective baseball helmets 1st worn by batters

*Japan declares war on China

*”Action Comics #1” is published, which is the first publication featuring the comic book character ”Superman”.

*Electronic television system patented (V K Zworykin)

Lastly, We’ll pay ALL CASH for this home…

One big step closer to FIRE for us, arguably the biggest step in the journey. But this home is bigger than that. It’s our safe haven from what is happening to our careers in our country. With a PAID for home, we can protect ourselves financially. It will take the pressure off of us professionally for now. We’ll use the income from our vacation rental to provide our essentials. Investing in real estate & paying off our debts made this possible. Living tiny & budgeting made this a reality.

🤞🏻 🙏

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