Driving Towards FIRE,  Our Story



Total Debt Paid Off in 3 years. All thanks to God, a diligently planned budget, creative thinking, Geoarbitrage, RV Life, and Living Tiny.

Every step of the way you learn something about yourself. You learn that pursuing debt freedom starts and ends with you. If you are married, you already have an extra benefit of having someone keep you motivated and focused. Anyone who has become debt free will tell you that you’ll have moments where you want to give up, moments that you’ll tell yourself “We’ll never get there”, and moments where doubt creeps in making you believe that “life is just meant to be this way”.

What I can tell you…

Is no matter the circumstances you can do it. One month at a time. One day at a time, one paycheck or side hustle at a time. The days will feel long and your discussions will be dominated by financial budgeting and planning, but you’ll get there.

When you get there, it will seem surreal. As it does for both Meredith and I at the moment. The gravity of what we’ve accomplished hasn’t sunk in yet. In some ways, it feels like we’ve only just begun. In other ways, it feels like we have more left to do.

Debt Freedom is the first step, financial Independence is the second, and if all goes well, we’ll land at financial freedom one day.

For now, we will be celebrating changing our financial trees & tomorrow we’ll turn our attention to the next chapter in our story. We’re just getting started!

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