Driving Towards FIRE

Who Says You Can’t FIRE with Kids?

We’ve heard the question asked…

“What’s the point of pursuing FIRE if you have kids”?

Since the original intent behind the FIRE Movement included “retire early” many ask this question because the costs associated with children are so high that the chance of an early retirement seem quite slim. While I don’t disagree, I would respond with a vague question in return…

“But what if it were possible”?

Everyday is a possibility, but you have to make the effort. Even beyond the effort, every decision, every step, and every thought should be intentional. Intentionality is what separates those who are able to visualize the possibility and accept the challenge head on.

In today’s society, financial independence & having kids to raise aren’t intended to mesh let alone the option to retire early. Our society discredits the ‘family first’ mindset and undermines our wallets with extreme consumerism.

We plan to pursue FIRE not for our sakes, but for the future we want our daughter to have. Financial Independence is more than dollars and cents, budgets, sacrifices, & reaching a number. For us, financial independence with the opportunity to retire early is our chance to change a generation from the same recycled financial mistakes by escaping the ‘work until you die’ society we all have grown up in.

Having a family doesn’t have to be the end of your financial goals and maybe it’s intended to be the beginning. It all depends on how you look at it.

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