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I love when people say…

“I disagree with Dave Ramsey” or “Dave Ramsey is wrong” as it relates to paying off debt, his baby steps, & personal finance.

For those unfamiliar with Dave Ramsey, he’s the “get out of debt guy”, “the baby step guy”, and the guy who says that “the paid off home mortgage is new status symbol of choice”.

1st of all…

It’s not that you disagree or think he’s wrong….You just found a path that works best for YOU using a version of his template or one very similar. Dave’s Baby Steps are guidelines, but you’re missing the entire point…he’s GUIDING you to find your own way. Helping you ask the right questions, etc. After all, it’s called “Personal” Finance.

Look, there’s MANY instances I’ve disagreed with Papa Dave. And that’s ok. That doesn’t make him wrong and it surely doesn’t make me right. But he’s helped us understand the impact of financial mistakes and how not to repeat them.

2nd of all…

Dave drives you to get yourself more financially aware. He instills the emotionally provoking thoughts behind why we do what we do with money. That’s the ultimate goal right? Understanding our ‘why’ and how to make better decisions as it relates to what we spend money on. Financial Peace is more than just being at peace with your finances, it’s also related to your future, your kids futures, and learning from past mistakes.

If you haven’t listened to his Podcast, we highly recommend it. Especially hearing the families, young professionals, & many others that go on the show to do their “Debt Free Scream”. Makes us smile every time you hear it. The stories from people who have overcome their personal finance and debt struggles keeps us locked in and motivated.

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