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How to ‘Win’ with Money, Part 3: Couples Edition

Today we are wrapping up another mini-series! We hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as we enjoy writing them.  With that said, here’s some more points on how to win with money as a couple:

Learn to fight fair.

Money creates much emotion in all of us. As a couple, each month presents new money concerns. It’s easy to let stress take over. If your spouse seems stressed, find ways to connect even if things get heated. Help them come down slowly. Conversely, if you are the one heated, remember that your spouse isn’t the ‘target’ to relieve your stress. The situation is the target & the both of you can come together & attack it.

Embrace the suck.

Some months will feel like there’s 60 days in them instead of the typical 30. Financially speaking, you may need to have more than just one budget meeting each month. This takes time, but can save you both in the event you have more month than money.

Working hard isn’t the same as working smart.

We’re all a product of where we came from. If one of you grew up with parents that worked multiple jobs just to make ends meet, CHANGE THAT for you! That doesn’t have to be your life. We all associate those who work hard with being successful. My parents (Brett) worked multiple jobs for years and it took its toll on their relationship. Working SMART is all about stopping that cycle. As a married couple, working SMART empowers you to understand where you came from & where you’d like to go. When both of you challenge each other to think creatively about how you’ll ‘win’ with money creates a smarter path for you and your money.

Kids and money.

If you have kids, don’t buy & give them “everything you never had”. Teach them ALL things you never knew! Wealth doesn’t have to just equate to money. Show them that experiences are greater than things. Promote TIME as the wealthiest thing.

Make a decision & own it.

But do it together. Some decisions may require you to compromise & that’s a good thing! It means you value each other’s thoughts & you want each other to succeed! What’s more powerful than 2 heads working together as 1?

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