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Idiosyncrasy Credits…

Are earned, not given.

Who do you typically trust? Someone with rank or someone you respect? How do we know the difference since typically we are to respect those with rank regardless if they have earned our respect or not.

Depends on circumstances & situations obviously…

However, some of the people in our lives who not only go “against the grain” also provide contributions to society whether we are directly or indirectly impacted.

We have a love and respect for people who deviate from common expectations…

Many of you are exactly those people. Fulltime RV’ers, Fulltime RV Families, FIRE Friends, Health and Fitness Motivators, and Debt Free Individuals. Each one of you go against the norm of what’s expected. I’m willing to bet that when you tell others about your idiosyncrasies, some will tell you that it’s crazy, or they ask ‘why’, some may have their curiosity peaked and ask you ‘how’. Some may even follow with, “there’s no way I could do that”.

This is how respect is earned…

Leading by example and living your life outside the standard paves way for others to see that life can be what you make of it. Growing up I struggled with understanding why life seemed one dimensional. I couldn’t stand the saying, “that’s just the way it is”. It always struck a nerve with me. Since finding the nomadic, debt free, financially independent, fulltime RV, and rootless lifestyle, life now makes sense.

Shoutout to all of you pushing the boundaries of the norm to define what life means to you!

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