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Money and Sugar

Can be both sweet and toxic…but it’s how we manage them that’s most important. Hear me out…

Now, I’m not talking about the hugs and kisses kind of sugar you get from family because you should absolutely fill up on that as much as you like. I’m talking about processed sugar like in sodas & desserts & how it’s connected to your money.

Sugar can be seen on labels as sucrose, glucose, & high-fructose corn syrup.

These are ADDED sugars which are different than natural sugars found in whole fruit & veggies. These added sugars take many names on labels, provide zero nutritional value, and cause spikes in our blood insulin.

Now think about money.

When we get paid, it causes a spike in our emotions. Happiness and likely relief is felt. Your hard work is rewarded with a paycheck. But what happens when we have more debt than income? A spike in sadness, followed by a crash in motivation maybe? Sugar also creates a crash! A crash in energy & motivation too.

How about when you shop for food?

When you shop, would you consider yourself more of a pre-packaged type of food person or a buy all the ingredients and make from scratch kind of person? Here’s why it matters…

Some people will make the argument that it’s ‘cheaper’ to buy packaged food already made or processed. But you will in fact pay for it eventually. Especially if you don’t balance it with some healthy options & exercise.

Processed sugars cause Type-2 Diabetes, heart disease, & cancer.

To put it plainly, it’s toxic on your health, from a physical standpoint and a financial standpoint too. According to the CDC, heart disease & cancer remain the top 2 causes of death with diabetes in the not so distant 7th place.

For most folks with diabetes, the annual direct costs equal $9,600 (healthline, 2017). Hospital inpatient care and prescription medications to treat diabetes make up the bulk of the total. The indirect costs of diabetes have the ability to seriously affect livelihood. A 2016 study, found that those with type 2 diabetes had higher levels of depressive & anxiety symptoms.

Eating anything processed with added sugar isn’t cheaper. You just decide when you’ll pay for it. Find your balance!

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