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The New American Dream

Show me how to get to the American Dream without showing me how to get to the American Dream….

Me: Nah, Imma show you. This picture just about sums it up. As an elder millennial nearing my 4th decade of life, there’s been so many routes that look just like this one. But some Boomers will tell you that it’s much easier to succeed today than it was when “they were your age”. Technologically speaking, I’m give them that, but cost of living, inflation, lack of pension plans, employer loyalty, ridiculous healthcare costs, etc are significantly different today than “when they were growing up”.

And if the challenge wasn’t daunting enough, there’s potential for it to get even more challenging.

What even is the American Dream anymore?

I’ll tell you in three different ways:

1. Financial Literacy
2. Financial Independence
3. Financial Freedom

The American Dream consists of knowledge. The American Dream consists of understanding where, what, why, and how to manage our money. The American Dream consists of protecting your assets. It isn’t about having more stuff or even the necessity of having more money, it’s simply about maximizing what we have by doing everything possible to educate ourselves on methods that work best to protect and keep what we’ve worked for.

Don’t get distracted. At the root of success is financial literacy.

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