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What’s Your FI/RE?

Part One: FI/RE Strategies.

Dropping a new mini series focused heavily on our “Why”. But also to explain the FIRE Movement through the many strategies that exist. Most of you know we call ourselves “DrivingTowardsFIRE”, but some may not understand where that name came from.

In short:
➡️ “DrivingTowards” – Geoarbitrage through RV Life.
➡️ “FIRE” – Financial Independence Retire Early.

Nowadays there’s new classifications of FI/RE and each one offers different goals, but the same principles. For those unaware, the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Movement started making news in 2014, although its been around for years. It just didn’t have a fancy name. Increasing one’s savings while decreasing one’s expenses isn’t a hard concept to understand, however in practice this concept can be a challenge.

Achieving financial independence also takes unique individuals willing to make sacrifices. These sacrifices sometimes equate to lifestyle choices, food, and how you spend your time. These sacrifices undoubtedly can stop some people from pursuing, but those who accept the uncomfortable and make the necessary sacrifices, will find themselves rich with time.

No matter the classification or method of FI/RE you pursue, financial independence is the name, being rich with time is the game.

Here’s a few different classifications of FI/RE methods:

1. FatFIRE
2. LeanFIRE
3. BabyFIRE
4. BaristaFIRE
5. AdventureFIRE
6. GeoarbitrageFIRE (this is us)
7. ParttimeFIRE (Also us)
8. FrugalFIRE

Truth be told, there are likely many others named. These are the most common, or at the very least, the ones we’ve frequently read about. In the upcoming posts, we’ll share each strategy’s definition and methods used to achieve FIRE. Make sure to share these and bookmark them for future reference!

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