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5 Months with Blue: Our Rescued Stray German Shorthaired Pointer

5 Months with Blue:  Our Rescued Stray German Shorthaired Pointer

From a Stray to a Domestic

It’s been 5 months since we’ve turned Blue from a stray to a domestic and since day one he’s had quite the personality. We’ve not owned a true hunting dog before and it’s amazing to watch him go “in the zone” when birds are nearby.

Our 1st Experience Rescuing a Stray Dog

This has been our 1st experience with rescuing a stray as most of our rescues came from previous rescue agencies, so we didn’t know what to expect. Here in Texas, there aren’t many rules regarding taking in a stray. There are 2 main ones:
1. After 72 hours of searching for its owner and no response, the dog is legally yours. (Some even say 30 days).
2. If you decide to keep the stray, you are required to take them to have all required and necessary vaccinations.

What’s Next For Blue

Next month we take him back to the Vet for his 6 month post heartworm treatment check up to find out if he’s in the clear. Back in February he was treated with a heartworm shot and 30 days of medication as he had early indications of Heartworms.

Training a Stray

Since February, we’ve done our best training him, which for the most part has gone well considering he had ZERO training prior to finding us. He walks well on the leash, he comes when we say “here”, he knows the routine well, & when we tell him to “go get in his bed”, he usually complies. Sometimes he stands near it. Lol. The most frustrating thing is he won’t sit on command. That is still a work in progress, but he’s come along way.

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