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6 Month Update on Blue: Stray No More

Post Op Blue

Poor guy didn’t get much rest last night (and neither did we). He spent most of the night staring at us, bumping into things, and unable to get comfortable.  He had surgery to finally be neutered and it was successful.  The Vet’s office sent him home with a cone to prevent him from licking the area so that it would heal properly.

Post Op Good News

We are very excited and happy to report that our Texas #GSP stray turned domestic, Blue is HEARTWORM NEGATIVE!  We brought him in for his almost 6 month follow up and to have him neutered (finally) and the Vet confirmed it! So happy for this guy! If anyone recalls when Blue found us, we took him in back in February and his heartworm test showed early indications of heartworms. We’re incredibly thankful he tested negative yesterday! We treated him with one more shot which is good for 6 months and then we’ll start him on Sentinel just like Duke & Chloe.

RV Life, Working From Home, and Doggiesitting

For the next few days he’ll be in his cone of shame at night to allow his stitches to heal.  Probably the biggest blessing we have is the ability to work from home.  It gives us the ability to take care of our dogs and make sure Blue heals properly.  RV Life is and has given our lives an opportunity to stop and enjoy the things that make us most happy.  Giving Blue not only a second chance at life, but a chance to have a different life.  One better than the one he had before.

Ironically, that’s RV Life summed up exactly for us.  A chance to live a different life, one that is better than the one we had before but a future that we can wholeheartedly look forward to.

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