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Bilateral Hip Dysplasia

Our handsome German Shepherd rescue Duke, was diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia this morning…


Hip Dysplasia is very common in larger dogs, especially GSDs.  We rescued Duke in 2016 from MTGSR in Nashville, TN as a spry 3-4 year old male who used to roam the streets of Nashville with his brother.  Duke was picked up many times by the Nashville Metro Animal Control and returned to his owners at the time who would always leave him in the backyard as ‘yard art’.   After multiple instances of he and his brother escaping from their backyard, the owners ultimately told Metro Animal Control to “keep them”.  Animal Control then contacted Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue who rescued both Duke and his brother.

Welcome Home Dukeman

After our first GSD passed away from cancer back in 2012, our hearts were broken for quite some time.  GSDs are unlike many other dog breeds as they are pack oriented animals and love being with their humans.  Duke is typical in this way that he goes everywhere with us…hiking, walks, to our cabin in the Smokies, and travels with us and his brother and sister (Chloe and Blue) in our 5th wheel RV.  We call him our ‘gentle giant’, he loves to play with his ball, and enjoys one-on-one training with Meredith.  Duke has been our lover and not a fighter for almost 5 years now.  Almost 8 years old, Weighing in at 65 pounds with giant paws, he has a heart of gold.

He’s in Good Hands

Fortunately for Dukeman, he has a loving pack that will do everything we need to do for his well-being.  While we are heartbroken with his diagnosis today, we know we can continue giving him the best life.  We’ve added some new supplements to his everyday diet including Flexadin (promotes new cartilage growth), Phycox (contains Glucosamine), and some Previcox for pain in case he needs it.  We plan to continue our daily walks 3 times a day and taking him on hikes as well bring him most places we go.

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