Former Fulltime RV Lifers with Dogs,  Our Story

Happy Gotcha Day Blue!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since this dude showed up on our doorstep as a stray here in Texas?!?

Blue found us roaming the campground on 2/22/2020 dirty, thirsty, and Heartworm positive shortly after returning from walking our pups at a nearby state park. We made so many attempts to find his family over the course of the next couple of weeks, but were unsuccessful.

Then COVID happened…

Unsure what to do after calling all the local vets, animal clinics, and posting in several lost dog Facebook pages, we decided to bring him with us to our cabin in Tennessee when both Meredith and I lost our contract jobs due to the Pandemic. He loved Tennessee!

Over the next 60 days…

His personality came out and made his place inside our existing pack. He and Duke our GSD became a formidable duo sharing the common ground of their heritage.

After 8 months of treatment…

He was no longer heartworm positive, neutered, and officially a member of our family.

In 12 months, this guy has landed a new family with doggy friends, received much needed medical treatment, and now is a protector of his newest human member of our pack, Eleanor! He’s given us so much love already and we’re all glad he’s apart of our family!

Happy-former-stray-turned-domesticated-gotcha-day, BLUE!

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