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Living in a RV with 3 BIG Dogs

RV Life with Dogs…

Is the BEST & it’s EXPENSIVE…sometimes. We put out a blog post quite some time ago about what it’s like traveling fulltime with big dogs. We just realized that blog post is now outdated, because it was written when we only had TWO! Now we have 3 (and at one point we had 4, MISS YOU HANK!).

As part of our monthly budget, we usually set aside about $200-$250 for them. We don’t always hit that number and sometimes we go over that number. Feeding these pups is costly! We have about 4 different pet memberships to save us some money. Flea & Tick preventatives are the most expensive as well as routine vet visits. Vet visits can be a challenge because when we are in a new area we don’t have the “low down” on the best vet in town. Fortunately we consult with people at our gym and Meredith’s job for insight.

This month will be a budget buster. Duke and the Princess Chloe are both due for routine exams and multiple vaccinations. You know what they say, the bigger the dog…the MORE EXPENSIVE the Vet Bill. Seriously. Not joking…

But they are TOTALLY worth it!

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