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Tough Times.  Living and Surviving During COVID-19

Tough Times.  Living and Surviving During COVID-19

Ok times are tough right now…But, Duke, Chloe, & Blue have a message for everyone.

Duke says, he used to roam the dangerous streets of Nashville, TN with his GSD brother. Having occasional run-ins with feral cats and his owners just throwing their hands up for Metro Animal Control to “just take him”.  Chloe says, she grew up on a junkyard farm raised by a juvenile delinquent. Fortunately for us, he was at least smart enough to drop her off at a no-kill shelter in Middle Mississippi.  Blue says, most of you know his story, at least the parts we know. Always on the loose and Roaming dangerously back and forth across a major 4 lane highway in East Texas, scars likely from jumping fences and worse, heartworm positive.

Despite all that they have been through “they made it”. Rescues no more and now have the love and support they need! 🙌🏻.

Stay tough, stay positive, and stay focused.

In a crazy world right now where bad news is prevalent, people are getting sick and dying, our elected leaders can’t play in the sandbox together, people are scared, jobs have been lost, and finances have been wrecked….Our rescues have just ONE MESSAGE:


I’m not sure how many of you needed to hear this, but we are resilient people. As challenging as things are at the moment, have hope; stay the course; work together; set a positive example for everyone around you; be better than our leaders; show up for your life; stick to your goals; turn to loved ones for support; build each other up; talk about what the future holds for you; stay busy; and MOST IMPORTANTLY STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY.

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