Former Fulltime RV Lifers with Dogs,  Our Story

Traveling with Big Dogs

Bunch of backseat drivers…

Fortunately for us we have a big backseat, because these 3 take up all the space! I’m sure Duke and Chloe aren’t happy losing the extra space with the addition of Blue but, they’ll allow it. 😆

Meredith and I were walking our pack this past Saturday around the campground and an older woman yelled out, “how do you get three big dogs to get along in a RV!?!?”. We just responded that they are well behaved, which they are, but they are lucky pups. 7 days a week they get 3 walks a day, totaling on average 2 miles. Meredith works with Duke and Blue on training commands & leash-less training too.

What’s going to be hilarious is when we move back into a traditional home. They have grown accustomed to being in a small space with us that I’m guessing that no matter the size of our house, they’ll all be huddled in whatever room we’re in. 😂

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