Former Fulltime RV Lifers with Dogs,  Our Story

We Love Big Mutts and We Cannot Lie…RV Life with Dogs

Chloe is our oldest. She’s the blonde in the middle. We rescued her from a no-kill shelter in Mississippi we used to volunteer with while Meredith was in Anesthesia school. She doesn’t follow the typical blonde stereotype. She’s a genius, has an extensive vocabulary, and puts herself to bed every night at 9pm.

Duke is our middle child. He’s our handsome sable German Shepherd. We rescued him from Middle Tennessee GSD rescue while we lived in Nashville. Big paws, big bark, bigger heart is the best way to describe our DukeMan. He also has a cool party trick. He loves to howl at sirens and will do it every time an ambulance, police, or any other siren goes off. He’s just letting his brethren know he’s here to assist if needed.

Blue is our youngest. He’s a spunky and wanderlust German Short-haired Pointer. We didn’t pick Blue, he came to us as a stray here in East Texas. Blue didn’t have any tags and was heart worm positive. He’s been with us almost a year and is completely spoiled, loves his schedule, and no longer heart worm positive. He absolutely loves to hunt birds and loves to go for car rides. He can be a handful sometimes, but he fits in with this pack pretty easily.

These furry kiddos are prepping for the arrival of their new human. They’ve been working on their protection techniques to ensure baby is well protected (and loved). They love traveling with us everywhere we go in our RV!

Which of our 3 rescue pups is your favorite?

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