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We’re Reaching Maximum Capacity in Our RV

We’re running out of room…

Small Spaces, Big Dogs

We have 42 feet of the length in our RV…we intended to buy a large RV because we would be full timers and at the time we had 2 big dogs that would be traveling with us.

Fortunately, We Made Some Changes To Give Us More Square Footage

Back in January we finally removed some furniture that was taking up valuable space. Technically our RV is sold with “the ability to sleep 7 people”. Since it’s just Meredith and I, those other fold out couches weren’t being used and needed to go.

We Added a Third Big Dog, Which Was Not Planned and we Nicknamed Him ‘Bloopers’

In no way could we have planned to add a third big dog, which happened on Feb 22nd, just a month after we removed the furniture. Blue came into our world as a stray and initially he wasn’t liked by Duke & Chloe. Over the last 3 months, he’s found himself a family. A brother and a sister who have welcomed him with open a̶r̶m̶s̶, I mean…paws.

We now have a pack. A packed RV with hearts packed full of love. The only thing empty is our wallets….

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