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Contract Reinstated

Back to the place where everything is bigger…
…Even the surgical bouffant caps!

On Our Way Back

For those who guessed TEXAS you were right! We’re on our way back…Meredith received a new contract back at the same place we left 45 days ago.  “Life is just a big game of Texas hold’em, unexpected things may arise that may suite you or destroy you. You gotta make the best of the cards your dealt, adjust accordingly, and always understand that you control your decisions”. —Mustafa Said.

So Much Left To Do and See in Texas

Honestly, Texas made sense…and when we left, we kind of figured we’d be back. Truth is, we only got to explore Texas for 1 month before the Pandemic, which isn’t enough time to experience anything in Texas. Additionally, it’s easier for Meredith to ease back into a place she’s already been. Takes some of the nerve out. Lastly, while we could lay low for another month or two we really need to rebuild our savings & get back on the debt free mission. Trust us, we are incredibly nervous to get back out there with COVID19 & will likely continue quarantining in our RV at least when Meredith is off of work. We aren’t sure how the rest of you feel, but we feel fortunate that we’ve had 45 days together. 45 days of uninterrupted ‘us’ time, 45 days of one on one discussions, 45 days of honing in on our passions, 45 days of learning more about each other, & 45 days of watching ‘𝙊𝙪𝙩𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧’ on STARZ. (We’re halfway through Season 5 btw, lol).

Chasing New Dreams As a Stay at Home Doggy Dad

As for me, this is day 37 of being unemployed. I’ve had several calls with different recruiters, but nothing definitive. Looks like for now, I’ll chase my dream of being a stay-at-home doggy dad & personal masseuse for Meredith! Just a reminder, life could always be worse! 😉.

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