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COVID-19 and the Lack of PPE

Could you imagine sending a police officer out on duty to protect and serve the public without the necessary equipment to protect themselves? Could you also imagine sending a fire fighter out to a burning building without protective equipment?  Would be unspeakable right?

Apparently not for Nurses, Doctors, and any other frontline healthcare workers treating the public outbreak of COVID-19. 😢What’s worse? I’ve seen toxic humans on the interwebs type this statement:
“But this is what they (Nurses) signed up for”.😡🤯.

The C-Suites Have Failed Their Clinical Staff

Speechless. I can tell you one thing, as a spouse married to a RN turned CRNA there isn’t a day I don’t worry about what Meredith could be exposed to at work. It is the nature of the profession, however, the CEOs and other members of the C-Suites have failed miserably to protect their staff during this. Nurses make up the highest percentage of staff in most hospitals. Reusing masks? Not having enough PPE? Firing Nurses and Doctors for speaking up about these issues? Taking the N-95 masks for yourselves while sitting in your administration offices far from patients? Despicable.

Hospitals Are NOT Businesses.  We Need to Change This Mentality

I pray that we all recover from this virus & find ourselves back to some ‘normalcy’. But as we recover from this pandemic, I hope that healthcare professionals around the globe band together to force changes in administration. Nothing against business majors, but a hospital is NOT a business in my opinion. A hospital’s intent is to restore health, save lives, and improve the wellness of all individuals in any given community. Just like police officers, hospitals’ exist to ‘protect’ the public. But without proper protection how can they do this successfully?Hospital administrators with business backgrounds have ZERO understanding of what it takes to care for a patient, witness a loved one emotional after a loss of a spouse, and now…handle the protection of its vital workforce during a pandemic. You wouldn’t have the Chief of Police in charge with a background in Emergency Medicine, would you? Probably not.

To all of our fellow healthcare friends & family, we love you. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you for what you do today and always.

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