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Current Locums DNP CRNA, Former ICU RN, and soon-to-be Mom

There isn’t much this lady can’t do.

She’s midway through week 34 of growing a human yet she is still taking care of her patients before, during, and after surgery. Her contract here in East Texas ends on 1/29 and will begin her maternity leave, which means I get more time with her and the little one 😉.

People might wonder what inspires me…

If it isn’t obvious already, it’s Meredith. Oh and sunsets. I love a good sunset. Bonus points if I’m with Meredith watching the sunset. Both are a reminder that living the good life has nothing to do with things, but has everything to do with love and experiences.

She’s been on contract with multiple extensions since May 2020. Normally we plan breaks between contracts and extensions for her to recuperate before jumping into the next, but with baby on the way, COVID, and my loss of income since my contract was canceled in March due to COVID, she’s worked steadily. All while she’s going to doctors appointments and helping get baby’s nursery ready in the RV.

I simply don’t know how she does all that she does…

But I do know one thing. I’m the luckiest guy, husband, and soon-to-be dad on this planet.

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