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Day 240 of Being Unemployed

Back in February, My W2 contract initially was extended through 12/31/2020, then was canceled on 3/31/2020. This occurred after I verbally agreed to a Full-time W2 based position that was later put on hold, indefinitely. Now, I do other “jobs” for our family, but as for an official paycheck from an employer, that ended in April. For a period of 6 months most of the careers in my industry dried up. For those who don’t know, I am a clinically trained & certified Xray tech who for the last 10 years worked primarily in the healthcare IT space as a PACS Admin. Due to COVID, most hospitals stopped project implementations and essentially went into maintenance mode of their current systems. Large vendors stopped hiring due to sales of new IT products stopping.

Over the summer I decided to switch things up…

I became a Financial Coach that later passed certifications in the health & life insurance industry. Working as a Financial Coach has been amazing, but my journey as an Insurance Agent ended before it started. (If you care to read more I have a post on our blog, “My Experience as an Insurance Agent”.) To quickly sum up that brief time as an agent resulted in constant conflicts of interest.

Recently, I’ve received messages from recruiters back in the healthcare IT space…

I’ve had several interviews and for one of the positions I reached the final interview. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I thought I was a lock for it. The amount of time it takes to apply, interview, etc for a job today is simply exhausting. The process is arduous & taxing mentally. The plan is to have something lined up when it comes time for Meredith to go on Maternity leave so that we didn’t have to dip into our savings as much. Her contract is up next month, so I’m staying diligent hunting down that next position, but some days I lack the motivation.

For anyone else going through this struggle, you aren’t alone. We can do this & sometimes when we least expect it, something magical happens.

No matter what happens for me on the job front, I still have the best job coming in February 2021…

A DAD! 🥰

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