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Digital Nomad as a Healthcare Professional Is Possible

Can you be a fulltime Healthcare Professional & Digital Nomad?


In fact, I’ll ask you why you wouldn’t! Here’s the thing you need to ask yourself…”how can I maximize my career to benefit the lifestyle I want”?

Truthfully, that’s a question everyone should ask themselves!

Just about every healthcare profession offers travel work & in many cases, you can choose your hours, how you want to work, where you want to work, & the best part…how much money you want to make. Those of us in healthcare know all to well how expensive our degrees were. So many of us spend years if not decades slaving away to pay off our student loans.

So why not take advantage now?
What if I told you that paying off your student loans could be achieved in less than 5 years? Would you consider a travel position then?

We found the travel-healthcare-1099-Locums-contract-digital nomad lifestyle in late 2018. Our primary mission? Student loan debt. The sad reality for many of us with healthcare degrees come at a heavy cost both in time and money. Some employers and some rural areas offer student loan repayment options, which are great for many, but for us, we needed to do more to pay ours off.

You see, our student loan debt combined cost us $1800 a month. Not a typo. $1800. There’s a reason many millennials cannot afford to buy a home and if they do, it can be crippling. Here’s the thing, most mortgages and rents cost on average $1,300-$1,600 a month. Our student loan payments surpassed that. How are you supposed to feel about your career when you are working exhaustively handing over $1800 a month? Career Resentment starts to creep in.

We took a risk.
Jumped in with both feet.
Traveled to awesome places.
Lived a new lifestyle.
Spent quality time together.
Shared new experiences.

And paid off every penny of student loan debt in just 1 year. 1 year. Had we stayed on our previous path, it definitely would have taken well over 10 years to accomplish.

If you are a healthcare professional, have you consider travel work? Why or why not?

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