Disappointed. A Call to Action
Healthcare Professionals

Disappointed: A Call to Action in Healthcare

Disappointed:  A Call to Action in Healthcare.

Here’s some raw thoughts…from the heart.

Disappointed. A Call to Action

New Objections and Scary Statistics.


As of June 3rd, 2020, I’ve made a career change.  I found a new passion as a result of our journey that I am currently pursuing.  At my core, I want to help people with Personal Finance and Investing in retirement, and investing in tangible assets like real estate in the form of vacation rentals and long term rentals.  Statistics show that 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  This percentage is alarming.  If it doesn’t alarm you, it should.  More importantly, 39% of Americans say they aren’t investing, according to a 2018 online survey commissioned by NerdWallet and conducted by The Harris Poll.  Of them, 28% say they prefer to hold cash because they don’t know how to invest and another 28% think investing is too risky.  Nerdwallet Guaranteed these statistics will be worse after this Pandemic and the great job loss of 2020.  I won’t even dive into the deep depths of debt that our country is in.  That will scare you.  Instead I wanted to share some insight to one of my decisions to pursue this new career change.

Many of you might be wondering “why would you make such a drastic change in careers”? I mean, “who goes from healthcare to finance”?!? Lol, I totally get that thought.


I shared that our journey brought out a passion for personal finance that I never knew I had, but what I didn’t share was that I am disappointed with our country’s healthcare system. Let me say this, 1st of all this has NOTHING to do with the care provided by every single healthcare provider out there keeping their patients’ health and best interest at the top as advocates for them. 2nd of all, I’m not speaking for Meredith here, this is purely my perspective and thoughts on the matter from 17 years of working in healthcare.

A Call to Action:  Healthcare Administration Needs Change.


I’m disappointed that MANY if not MOST of our healthcare facilities and hospitals, heck even organizations are ran by BUSINESS MAJORS.  I’m disappointed at the lack of response by these BUSINESS MAJORS to ensure the safety and well-being of their clinical staff and clinicians with this pandemic. I mean, there’s pictures of Nurses in trash bags for protection! Reusing masks?!  I’m disappointed that healthcare has become a BUSINESS FIRST, instead of it being PATIENT FIRST. I’m upset that BUSINESS MAJORS earn bonuses while clinical staff has a reduction in staff & in some cases, their shift differential cut.  I’m disappointed that on average these BUSINESS MAJORS make between $150k – $400k annually. While RNs make on average $55k-$75k annually. For the record, RN’s are the LIFEBLOOD of hospitals. #changemymind. That doesn’t include the bonuses they receive for keeping costs low by working staff in dual roles to prevent hiring adequate headcounts.  I’m disappointed reading a post from an Nurse in NYC who stated that she wasn’t allowed to bring an N-95 mask from home to work, the hospital she worked at didn’t supply her with one, BUT the BUSINESS MAJOR sitting in their office away from patient care areas had them and was wearing them.  I’m disappointed that the BUSINESS MAJORS are making decisions on behalf of clinicians WITHOUT having ANY knowledge about patient care, zero experience, etc.  I’m disappointed that Clinical staff, in particular nurses, don’t have access to counseling or even the time to mourn a patient under their care that may have passed away.  Instead, they are to clean up the room to make way for the next patient without skipping a beat.  It’s heartbreaking.


What Specifically needs to change?


Everything to be honest.  We need hospital administrators who are patient care focused individuals first and healthcare workers a close second.  It’s absurd that hospitals are ran as a business in my opinion.  Hospitals should be a place of restoration, a place of recovery, and a place of safety.  Additionally, hospitals should also be a place for staff to feel rewarded, recognized, and acknowledged for the dedication to their patients and their efforts to put others before themselves.  Conversely, hospitals cannot be a place of ‘nickel and dimeing’, a place that operates like an assembly line, and a place where employees feel rushed in their delivery of care.

Plain and simple, business majors who run these major medical centers and hospitals need to go back to business. Patient’s and their lives are more valuable than how many can be moved in and out.  Hospital clinical staff should have voices, stand up for their patients as advocates, and feel security from an administration staff who supports them in their standards of care.  Our country is getting more obese, more diabetic, and more dependent on healthcare.  We need leaders in administration with the care and compassion for both patients and clinical staff alike.

Let’s make a change.  Let’s promote our healthcare providers into hospital administration.  Let’s promote healthcare for exactly what it should be….HEALTHCARE.


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