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Failures Can Lead to Successes

Success is standing on a pile of failures rather than lying under them.

Not a fan of the word failure

To be honest though, I don’t really like the word failure. But that quote sounds better than “Success is standing on a pile of lessons learned….”. Which is essentially the same thing, but the word failure places emphasis on success.

Failures lead to success by way of lessons learned

Regardless, I’ve had a few f̶a̶i̶l̶u̶r̶e̶s̶, ahem..lessons learned…in my lifetime. 15 years ago, I applied, interviewed, and was accepted into a Radiation Therapy degree program at UAB in Birmingham, AL. Out of 300 or more students that applied, I was accepted! Cloud 9 right? For those curious, Radiation Therapists work strictly with cancer patients (some but rare non cancer patients too) on using radiation for treatment of varying cancers. After graduating Radiology school, I knew this was what I wanted. I moved, took out student loans, got a job in Xray at UAB’s University Hospital, and started classes.

Not even 2 semesters go by and I withdrew from the program. That original $10k loan turned into $15k what felt like overnight. There were a few factors that led me down this path to withdraw and in the past I used to believe it was a failure. Which adding that debt arguably was, and several painful years later it was a hard lesson learned.

13 years later

13 years later we finally paid off the $10k, I mean $20k with interest I borrowed for a degree I didn’t complete. But over those 13 years, I gained a TON of experience in multiple areas of healthcare, eventually completed my degree, with many success stories along the way. I stood on top of that massive failure.

Our journey is our success. We can’t wait to stand on top of our failures…I mean, lessons learned and stare down at them with huge smiles.

Anyone else have some hard lessons learned?

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