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For the First Time Since Before the Age of 15….

I’ve not had a job. It’s the longest point in my life I’ve ever been unemployed. Last August I was laid off, but quickly began applying and interviewing and I had another position lined up the week after my last day with my former employer. I’d consider myself fortunate. I won’t say lucky, because…truthfully luck has nothing to do with it. Since turning 15, I’ve worked. Worked all through high school (multiple jobs even), worked full-time throughout college, and continued working fulltime for the last 15 years.

I’ve seen a thing or two. And I’m not done.

You know those Farmer’s Insurance commercials? “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two”…
That’s exactly how my career and professional life feels. At age 36, I’ve done a wide variety of things. From serving The Country’s Best Yogurt (TCBY) 😆, to selling clothes pretentiously at Abercrombie & Fitch, to managing a regional sporting goods store at age 18, to taking xrays and assisting with the deployment of pacemakers, to traveling across the country as an Applications Trainer, and finally managing a support team for a large company…this doesn’t even include what Meredith and I have done in business for ourselves!

Unemployed and Without a Paycheck

But for the 1st time, ever…I’m not currently receiving a paycheck. As are many across the World these days. Something close to 22 million people (prob more) today are without a paycheck. Before this pandemic started, 281,000 people were without a paycheck. Tough times today and tough times ahead.

Still Locked In to Our Dreams

Meredith and I have shared many reasons we started our journey. Most of you know what we’re after. Yep, financial independence. But that doesn’t just mean freedom from debt. For me especially, it eventually means freedom from an employer’s ability to lay me off. Freedom from their ability to potentially cripple me financially with a job loss. Freedom from my dependency on them for my (and Meredith’s) livelihoods. Freedom from working my butt off for their bottomline.

These are just other reasons we’re apart of the FIRE Movement and Debt Free Community.

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