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From SRNA to Locums CRNA…6 Years Later

Life’s decisions include taking risks, but many fail to see the reward because they lack patience.

To be patient is to be diligent as diligence leads to dedication. Dedication leads to your reward, so don’t give up!

Nearly 6 years ago, I watched Meredith graduate from Anesthesia school after 3 straight years of blood, sweat & tears to obtain her Doctorate of Advanced Nursing Practice in Anesthesia. Let me just tell you, I’m still inspired to this day! She took a risk, stayed patient, remained diligent, found that dedication that led her to the reward.

As a spouse who witnessed her dedication to her goals I can safely say, I feel rewarded just for having the opportunity to witness every milestone of her CRNA journey. From SRNA, to board certified CRNA, to DNP CRNA at a Level 2 Trauma Center, to a nomadic Locums CRNA, I’m fully convinced that there isn’t anything this super woman can’t do.

She’s the secret to my motivation. She’s the reason for my dedication. She’s the reason I’ll never give up no matter the risk involved.

A life without risk is routine.

Break the routine, take that risk, earn that reward.

PS, this was her graduation cake! I was told that the baker had never received a request to put a medical instrument on a cake before! Lol.

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