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Fulltime CRNA versus Locums CRNA

Rise and shine!

It’s Monday and this lady has been taken care of patients since 7am already!

For anyone looking to become a CRNA or even a Locums CRNA, here’s the single most significant factor between both (at least in our case)….

The ability to choose the hours you wish to work.

As a fulltime CRNA at a trauma center in Nashville, Meredith always knew when her day started, but in many instances didn’t know when it would END. She was part of a rotational based schedule with other CRNAs. This schedule proved difficult for her and for us as a family. It was tough to plan for dinner, it was a challenge to make plans with anyone, and it was hard on Meredith with the inconsistencies on when her day would be finished. There’s something unnatural about not knowing when your day would end (as far as work goes).

As a Locums CRNA, she builds her contract to include what hours she works, but most importantly what time she gets off. Additionally, she can choose to take call or not take call. For her, this has been a game changer! As a spouse married to a Locums CRNA, I love it because I can make plans with her now, we get to eat dinner together, and consistency has been restored in our lives.

Toss in RV Life, Travel, paying off debt, and the decision to become a Locums CRNA is that much sweeter!

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