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Health & Wellness, On the Road and with COVID 19

Health & wellness…

Are as equally important as having an emergency fund…but I’m not talking finances specifically today, although there’s plenty of correlation.

We’ve talked about health & wellness before and how critically important it is especially given today’s pandemic. Much of what we are being told started with majority of the COVID-19 patients being elderly, then it changed to include younger folks with comorbidities, to now basically anyone young or old with pre-existing conditions, auto-immune diseases, obesity and diabetes, additionally affecting those who are “otherwise healthy”.

Here’s an excerpt from in New Orleans, LA who currently has a terrible death rate of 4.3% at the time of this writing due to COVID-19. Regarding mortality specific statistics related to COVID-19:
“Nearly every person who has died from the coronavirus in Louisiana had a pre-existing condition of some kind, according to data released Friday by the state Department of Health. The data show that 95% of the 83 Louisianans who had died from the virus as of Thursday 3/26 had at least one pre-existing condition, and many had more than one. The most common condition was diabetes: 41% of the dead were diabetic, according to the data; 31% had chronic kidney disease, and 28% were obese”.

COVID-19 is going to force our country to think differently about health (or at least it should…) in the coming future. There are several documentaries out there that should find you ‘in your feelings’ about just how awful our diets are, the lack of time; overworked we are, “healthy food is expensive” excuses, & my personal favorite, Pizza being classified as a vegetable for more than 20 years in public schools. What about this…did you know that sugar companies are lobbyists for health insurance companies & vice versa? 🤔Have you ever noticed that when you go to an ADVANCED AUTO-PARTS store at the checkout counter you have hoards of candy & chocolate in front of you? What about at CVS PHARMACY…yep, right there at the checkout counter…SUGAR! We’re all addicted.

Stay safe out there friends, let’s change our country’s health going forward. It’s our most vital resource.

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