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You spend months deciding on somewhere to put down new roots. You spend days planning, discussing, and hoping you make the right decisions. You spend hours constantly envisioning how exciting the next step of your journey is.

Then, the plan comes together.

You spend days getting ready to move out of a RV, but still has to be road ready for travel. You spend days traveling with dogs, an infant, a RV stopping every 6 hours from Texas to North Carolina. You arrive and spend hours and weeks moving and unpacking in your new place. You spend days getting the RV off to storage.

Then, the day after you move into your new place in a new town in a new state to start a new job that you relocated for after spending THOUSANDS of $…

They issue mandates voiding your ability to make decisions for your health with no hope to contest it. No questions asked. Very little to No hope for exemptions. No chance for reimbursements.

Just…oh well, this is how it is and you have to accept it or move on.

Then you feel misled, frustrated, depressed, exhausted, alone, upset, defeated, lost, angry, confused, and numb.

Then you watch people call you names for asking questions, trying to make a stand for your health, & showing conflicting data or lack thereof.

Imagine having such excitement for the tumultuous journey you just completed to land at a new one that feels more difficult than the last. Imagine feeling like you have to abandon your entire career because your health is more important. Imagine being told you cannot wait for more data in order to make a better informed decision.

Can you imagine?

This is our reality. $8,000 spent, 6 months worth of planning, Hours of our lives spent…

All Possibly for NOTHING.

But we’re resilient people and we’re built for situations like this, and we’ll not give up.

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