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It’s CRNA Week!

Happy CRNA Week to my DNP CRNA!

She might have a ton of letters behind her name as well as many framed achievements on the wall, which pale in comparison to the passion she has for her patients.

Since day one you’ve poured your heart and soul into all things anesthesia. I know, because I was there. I watched. From HOURS that turned to DAYS of studying, early morning clinicals, Capstone efforts that lead to being published in the Library of Congress to graduation more than 6 years ago. Has it been 6 years? Wow.

Later, I heard & enjoyed your stories working as a fulltime W2 at a level 2 trauma center after passing boards giving me a play by play of how your cases went with different surgeons and the challenges you faced head on.

I traveled with you when we decided to say goodbye to fulltime W2 CRNA life and hello to 1099 Locums CRNA life. What a journey that was for 3 years. New surgeons, new places, new people, different flows, etc…you tackled ALL of it, effortlessly.

Now, we get enjoy time together with our daughter as you are a PRN CRNA at multiple facilities after those 3 years of Locums and paying off our debts. What makes all of this sweeter is the fact that our daughter gets to witness the amazing things I’ve had the pleasure of watching the last few years too.

Happy CRNA Week to all of our CRNA friends!

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