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If some of you missed Meredith’s post about what she does as a CRNA, scroll back a few posts and check that out.

Locums has given us more TIME together

As a spouse who’s married to a RN turned CRNA turned Locums CRNA, I can say wholeheartedly that with each step it has increased our ability to have more TIME with each other. Let me share a little backstory here because we always emphasize our time together with many of our life decisions…

We got married in 2011 at age 27, just 2 months prior I took a job that required me to travel across the country every week roughly 90% of the time. I was only home on Friday – Sunday. Friday’s were “home office paperwork days”. Sometimes it felt like I didn’t even unpack before taking off again. I spent so much time in and out of airports, in places I didn’t know, eating dinner ALONE 4-5 nights a week. This went on for the 1st 2.5 years of our marriage. Sure it was exciting at first, flight miles & travel points, “can you imagine the trips we can take?!?” I thought to myself.

I disliked it…the most politically correct way I can put it. I felt like I was never home, always exhausted, couldn’t make plans, etc.

When Meredith finished CRNA school in 2015, we moved to Nashville, TN! She went to work in a trauma center fresh out of school and quickly we saw her hours and on-call hours change. She felt like she wasn’t ever home, she was exhausted, her hours were so inconsistent, & we couldn’t make plans besides occasional date nights. We lived in a city with so much to do, but lacked both the time together and the time to explore it. It wasn’t until early 2018 when she transferred to another facility where we saw her schedule improve, but we still didn’t feel like it was enough.

As a Locums, she can build her hours to suit her.

If she wants to work 10 hour shifts, or 8’s she can include that in her contract. If she doesn’t want to take Call or work holidays, Yep…that’s include in her contract. If she enjoys working at a particular place and they ask to extend her, she can decide to stay and extend or go elsewhere. Locums has given her FLEXIBILITY.

It has given us more TIME together.

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