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Locums CRNA, Nomad, and Fulltime RV’er

About Me:  Meredith, Locums CRNA, Nomad, and Fulltime RV’er.


Many of you are familiar with our journey to financial freedom but do you wonder how in the world did we get into so much student loan debt?

I’m a nurse anesthetist, also known as a CRNA. If you are in healthcare you may be familiar with my role; however, if you have never had surgery or are not familiar with the world of healthcare my job may sound foreign.

The road to obtaining my doctorate was long. (Yes, most nurse anesthetists have or will be obtaining their Doctorate in anesthesia.) I have two bachelors degrees. My first Bachelor’s degree was in Microbiology ( I worked in a research lab briefly) and the second Bachelors was in Nursing. After I obtained my nursing license I worked in the Intensive Care unit for four years. THEN I began the three years of school to obtain my Doctorate in Nursing Anesthesia Practice. This very specialized degree has a hefty tuition.

Another fact that you may not know is that my job can be fun but it is also intense. I’m watching and hearing every beat a patient’s heart takes. I’m also ensuring that they’re breathing and making sure they are not in pain…there is so so so much more, but most importantly I am keeping my patients safe!
Every new assignment brings excitement and some nervousness. I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new towns.

This is our third assignment since we began traveling in the RV. We have accomplished many of our goals. We have now set our sights on paying off our consumer debt starting with the F350!

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