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Maternity Leave is Officially Over

Hi ho hi ho, it’s back to work she goes…


Whew…today is emotional for both of us, but likely a bit more emotional for Meredith. After 11 months of maternity leave, she’s back to it. She’s jumping back in the saddle of administering anesthesia, but no longer as a Locums CRNA, she’ll be a permanent W2 PRN CRNA. She hung up the Locums jacket once we finished RV Life. She’s excited to get back to work…

However, she’s also a new mom.

And just like all new moms who return to work, her heart is heavy today. She has to leave Eleanor for the first time since she was born. As her right hand man, I do as much as I can to reassure her that she’ll both be missed & how much she is needed. But I also want to confidently remind her that I can handle it…

Even if I’m secretly freaking out.

We both knew this day would come & actually it was supposed to come months ago back in August this year, but if anyone has kept up on our stories, you might know why. None of what we planned for has happened in the months since, but it’s funny how life sometimes takes you where it sees fit.

The days will likely be longer for both of us now, but here’s what I’ll say…

People often talk about the pros & cons of having children earlier in life or later in life and there are solid points and arguments on either side. Since I can’t make any from a younger standpoint as we are both older parents, the only thing we believe being older parents is that we’ve had more than 14 years of just us. 14 years of breaking down communication barriers, working through financial struggles, building a life, learning to disagree pleasantly, and complementing each other’s strengths. Those 14 years have prepped us to be the best versions of ourselves. Especially for Eleanor. As older parents we still don’t have all the answers, but we have all the above in our toolset which help guide us into the next chapter.

Do me a favor, if you’ve read this far, drop Meredith some words of encouragement in the comments, I’m sure she’d greatly appreciate them. ♥️

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  • Deb Davies

    You’ve GOT this!! I remember my first day back to work and I was upset but that night I saw that my son survived and so did I!! Hang in there, I promise it gets better. REMEMBER to take a deep breath and know you are AMAZING!!

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