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Navigating Your Way Through a Job Layoff…Next Steps

Navigating Your Way Through a Job layoff…Next Steps…

Next Steps

~ Start Applying to Similar Jobs. This is the easy one. Utilize LinkedIn,, etc to search for jobs that best match your background. Make sure your resume and CV are either saved in PDF or Word format. (Btw, no you do NOT need to pay anyone to draft a well organized resume for you. Plenty of free templates out there for you to use).

~ When searching and applying for new jobs, consider opportunities outside your homebase. Expand your knowledge into other areas, other businesses. Home will always be home, maybe the best opportunities lie outside your State lines.

~ Additionally, something I’ve personally done myself…if you were once a manager or supervisor, consider applying for non-leadership positions. Yes, I know most wouldn’t want to consider it because the pay could decrease, however, using me as an example, I was laid off as a manager but took a contract position in a non-leadership role. Here’s a secret…MANAGERS DON’T ALWAYS GET PAID THE MOST. I actually had higher income in my non-leadership role (and without the everyday manager stress!🙌🏻). This could actually open other doors later, especially from an experience standpoint.

Additional Tips

~ If you were a previous W2 employee, consider filing for unemployment benefits. Especially if you or your family lack additional income.

~ Consider contacting loan providers and request forbearance on your loans. Find out the details as each may be different for you, but in some cases you could avoid paying interest and strictly make payments on principle.

~ Driving a shiny Luxury car that costs you more than $500 a month? Yep, sell it. Take what you get after settling the loan and buy something significantly cheaper, or even pay cash. As long as it gets you to work, no one actually cares about the kind of car you drive. Function > Frills.

~ Ever considered work as a 1099 Contractor? Your salary is maximized (you pay zero out of your paychecks for benefits and taxes, but you will be required to submit quarterly taxes. So be sure to have a solid CPA to help). In some cases, 1099’s can find their way into a W2 position

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