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Old Dreams Versus New Dreams

If you would have asked us 2 years ago if we would consider living full-time in a RV and travel across the country, we would have said….no way! How could we function in a small space, without regular plumbing & central heat and air?!?

That’s not the ‘dream’ we were taught or led to growing up.

Go to college, get a good job, buy a home, work hard, get a new(er) car, and the list goes on. Right?  That dream works for many people, but wasn’t working for us. The debt, small amount of hours to enjoy each other’s company, and not having the time to experience new things was killing us.

Immediately we made changes.

From the first discussion to the time we hit the road totaled 5 months. We packed up some of our things, donated some, and sold the rest. Sold 2 cars, found our truck to tow the RV, picked out our RV, Meredith switched from W2 to 1099, all while working our full-time careers, self-managing our vacation rental property.

We only get to live once, why not chase the dreams, passions, and things that we love NOW?

Don’t let fear or the thought that “this isn’t the right way” prevent you from doing what you want. If we can do it, believe that you can too.

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