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Opportunity or Obstacle?

Isn’t it funny how two different words that mean different things can be used simultaneously to describe a situation? How the words are used depends on the perspective…

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘opportunity’?

Something positive right? Something that usually brings happiness or a chance for something good to happen.

What about when you hear, ‘Obstacle’?

Probably a challenge of some sort, something to overcome, maybe even something negative standing in our way.

Here’s the thing, We look at these words differently.

We see opportunity as a new challenge usually as a result of something not working out and an obstacle as something standing in the way of greatness. An opportunity shows us that we always have the chance to improve, find what matters most, and do the thing that makes us happy. The obstacle is there to test us, make us put in the effort to seize that opportunity. We cannot have one without the other.

If an obstacle didn’t exist, it’s likely the opportunity simply isn’t valuable.

We all have opportunities and obstacles in our lives and the best way to succeed with both is to have the right mindset, pay attention to those opportunities, and tackle the obstacles head on.

Live your life, don’t stand on the sidelines. As Brené Brown says, be in the ‘Arena’. What’s your current opportunity or obstacle?

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