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Politically Absent

In today’s climate, is it possible to be politically absent?

Seriously. Explain to me as a mid-thirties elder millennial I have to choose between two presidential candidates whom are aged 70+? More importantly, why do I even have to choose a side? Let me ask this question…what if NO ONE voted in this year’s election? What if we protested the election altogether?  Now, obviously I know this wouldn’t happen, but the point I am trying to make here is that this election is shaping up just like 2016.  There’s a growing sense from folks that you “have to choose a side”. What if I don’t? What if neither side deserves my vote? Why do I have to choose between the lesser of two evils?

Does Age Really Equal Wisdom?

Something that really irks me about our country is that age defines wisdom, which I’ll argue isn’t wrong, but how can a 70 year old relate to me at age 36? How can someone that should be in their golden retirement years make decisions that directly affect my life and my future when there’s a 40 year gap between us? From my completely unbiased opinion it seems from a political standpoint it has nothing to do with age and wisdom, but everything to do with MONEY…or the lack thereof. Is the true reason we cannot have a more age diverse group of candidates strictly due to the amount of money it costs to run for President?

Money and Power

Go hand and hand.  This isn’t a new phenomenon it’s as old as time itself.  Which is exactly what most of the candidates we have running for Commander in Chief are…OLD.  If you want to see a good documentary on the abuse of money and power (as well as influence) go watch “Filthy Rich” on Netflix.  For those curious, it highlights the now deceased, Jeffrey Epstein.  Not to spoil it for you, but he used his money and power to avoid YEARS of jail time related to sexual abuse, rape, and sex trafficking.  In this situation, it shows that Mr. Epstein’s MONEY was above the LAW.  But truthfully that’s a different topic for a different day.

Pandemic, Protests, and Politics

I’ll be the first to admit.  I have never been much for politics.  I remember growing up and seeing the Independent party running against Democrats and Republicans, but where did they go?  They are completely absent in modern elections.  Why?  What happened?  The unique thing about our country is that we are inclusive of everyone.  All races, ethnicities, and walks of life.  It’s what makes America…well, America.  Our country has been built by immigrants and people from many different cultures, so tell me why we have ONLY two political parties to choose from?

What amazes me with politics the most is the fact that you cannot be a Republican with some Democratic tendencies or vice versa.  You are either Republican all the way or a Democrat with nothing in-between.  Herein lies the problem though!  America is built on the premise that we have OPTIONS!  Options as to where we wish to live, options as to where we want to go to school, options as to what jobs to apply for, and options for ICE CREAM from the grocery store!  Not for our Presidential elections though.  Just two old and rich white dudes that cannot possibly relate to today’s American Working Class.  How can we be a successful America that promotes inclusivity of everyone yet we only have two options to vote for and in this case they are both basically the same?

I think most of the civil unrest relates to ‘Old America’ and the younger generations are absolutely over it.  The ‘good ole boy system’, the ‘it’s always been this way’ culture, and the ‘earn your dues’ mindset handed down from older generations.  Most of the younger generations are labeled ‘entitled’ or my personal favorite, ‘snowflakes’.  WHY?!  Now, I will argue that I don’t believe in the idea that everyone deserves a trophy and that hard work should pay off, but calling our generations entitled or snowflakes because we are calling for an American Working Culture Revolution for better work-life balance is beyond me.  Maybe we grew up watching our parents and grandparents work their lives and health into oblivion and just maybe we don’t want to repeat?

So who do you vote for?

I don’t know.  There I said it.  4 years with Biden and his potential dementia and another 4 years with Trump the American bully makes me cringe.  I don’t think either represent my core values and beliefs, I don’t think either value our generation, and I certainly believe that neither represent modern America.  Wealth shouldn’t equal wisdom and neither should age.  I hope by 2024 we have some better, younger, and more forward thinking leaders to vote for.

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